CP6135-D80 + FRL Kit

The strongest portable impact wrench with a FRL Kit


Monster Power for the light weight and compact size
FRL Kit offer higher quality on work and increases lifespan of tool
Premium quality for the most demanding applications
Smooth operation thanks to the teasing trigger


Durable Pinless Rocking Dog clutch
A high quality FRL and a robust and practical stand
Robust aluminum body & Steel clutch housing
Reversible and teasing steel trigger

  • CP6135-D80 - 1-½" Super Industrial Impact Wrench 1.4 MB, PDF
  • CP6135-D80 - 1-½" Industrie Schlagschrauber (Deutsch) 1.4 MB, PDF
  • CE 认证
  • 操作说明书
  • 分解图
  • 安全须知和安全数据单
型号CP6135-D80 + FRL Kit
冲击器类型Pinless Rocking Dog
功率重量比500 Nm/kg167.1
噪声级98 db(A)
声功率109 db(A)
外箱尺寸220 x 460 x 280 mm8,7 x 18,1 x 11,0 "
实际耗气量40 l/s84.5 cfm
工作扭矩范围(正转)1,000 - 5,500 Nm740 - 4,055 ft.lbs
振动 13.6 m/s²
振动 ISOISO-28927-2
振动 K2.2 m/s²
握把类型D-Handle Inside Trigger
方头驱动1 1/2 "
最大扭矩(反转)8000 Nm5900 ft.lbs
最小软管尺寸19 mm5/8 "
空载转速2800 转速
螺栓尺寸M48 mm1-7/8" "
边缘至中心67.5 mm2.65 "
进气口螺纹尺寸1/2 "
重量16 kg35,3 lb
长度408 mm16 "