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Discover the Ultra Compact Butterfly Impact Wrench Reviewed by TechShopMag

Outils pneumatiques Clés à chocs Dans les médias

29 mai 2020

15% smaller than its predecessor, which means it offers vehicle service professionals access and manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

Light Weight Ultra-Compact Butterfly Impact Wrench For Vehicle Service
In November, TechShopMag reviewed our new CP7711/CP7721 Butterfly ultra-compact ¼” and 3/8” wrench. Read below an extract of the article: “At Chicago Pneumatic we’re dedicated to making our tools as simple to use as possible, while providing excellent quality and reliability, making it easier for mechanics to get their job done more quickly. Our new ultra-compact range brings users small yet exceptionally powerful tools that really are the perfect companion for the workshop toolbox.”