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Low profile, Versatile and Powerful


Unique wide-track ratchet teeth. Multi surface engaged to better handle deflection forces.
Flat design : easy fit on the tightest bolt patternsthe application and sits flat on the application
Modular concept
Certified torque accurancy of +/- 3%


Certified torque accurancy of +/- 3%
Crafted from the highest quality material for ultimate strengh and durability (Aisi 4340 alloy steel)
The titan WIDE TRACK ratchet tooth design distributes stress evenly , which provides a bigger contact area that deliver the strength to get the job done right every time.
Low nose and flat design for extremely tight application accessibility

Part number6158123450
Range of Link Weights2.38 - 3.40 kg5.25 - 7.5 lb
Ratchet Hex Sizes A/F49 mm1 15/16 "
Vibration ISOISO-