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Ideal for foundry applications
Floor rammer to be used on stand position, to compact sand at floor level


Powerful rammers, but still lightweight tools
Extended models for a comfortable use
Delivered with safety lever

Part number6151618130
Actual air consumption700 l/mn24.7 cfm
Air inlet thread size1/2 "
Blows per minute780
Bore25.4 mm1 "
Butt diameter67 mm2.64 "
European Directives2006/42/EC (17/05/2006)
European Sound standardISO 15744
European StandardsEN ISO 11148-4:2012
Length1044 mm41, "
Min. hose size13 mm1/2 "
Net weight6 kg13.2 lb
Sound Power106 db(A)
Sound pressure95 db(A)
Sound uncertainty3 db(A)
Stroke83 mm3.26 "
Vibration19.1 m/s²
Vibration ISOISO-28927-6
Vibration uncertainty (K)5.8 m/s²