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Chicago Pneumatic Improves Unrivaled ¾” Impact Wrench

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October 30, 2018

Chicago Pneumatic once again proves that even the best can get better. Updates to the CP7769 lighten and streamline this workhorse 3/4” impact wrench, while ergonomic improvements make it even easier and more comfortable to use. The CP7769 is one of five vehicle service tools Chicago Pneumatic showcased at the 2018 SEMA Show.

The CP7769 is a dramatic 7% lighter and 7% shorter than its predecessor, bringing Chicago Pneumatic power to even the tightest of workspaces. New power function and forward/reverse controls make one-handed adjustment a snap.

Our customers want tools that make their jobs easier. The new CP7769 is lighter and more comfortable to use, and with all the power required to get the work done fast.

Omar Macon , Product Marketing Manager - Vehicle Service
CP7769 - 8941077691 / CP7779 - 8941077791
The CP7769 earned its reputation for packing plenty of power in a compact package. The new CP7769 still provides a whopping 1440 ft. lbs. (1950Nm) of torque, and is practically a half pound lighter than previous versions. General vehicle maintenance and tire changing operations can all benefit from controlled power in a lighter, easy-to-handle tool.
As with every Chicago Pneumatic tool, durability is not sacrificed for power, weight, or convenience. The composite motor housing, twin hammer mechanism, 360-degree swivel air inlet, and secure socket retainer are designed for years of reliable performance. A 3/4” impact with a 6” anvil (CP7769-6) and 1” impact (CP7779) will also be available.

The new CP7769 lives up to the title, 'unrivaled.' For pros who want an everyday tool with power and control they can count on, this is it.

Omar Macon , Product Marketing Manager - Vehicle Service