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Chicago Pneumatic Tools and Dinosaur Fossils Stand the Test of Time Together at Wyoming Museum

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September 12, 2019

Kids love dinosaurs, and Chicago Pneumatic loves encouraging science education -- so a donation of five CP9361 Air Scribes to the Wyoming Dinosaur Center to support children's fossil exploration is a perfect fit!

"We tell them they are contributing to science," says Jessica Lippincott, Education Director at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center in Thermopolis, Wyoming. "They feel like they're doing something meaningful." The non-profit museum is dedicated to preserving and protecting Wyoming's rich natural history with the world's largest fossil collection, and hands-on paleontology for kids of all ages.

The center's field technicians identify sites where they might find fossils, and have discovered more than 130 so far. Bones at the sites are dug up and sent to the center, where they are prepared using tools to remove sand and rock. Professional preparers care for the more fragile and valuable pieces, while sturdy bones like lower vertebra and toe bones introduce children to paleontology in the youth lab.

The museum's education department had used two Chicago Pneumatic tools in the interactive classes and camps for more than 20 years, but needed a few upgrades. Lippincott reached out to Chicago Pneumatic to see if a donation to replace those two air tools was possible, and Digital Marketing Manager Rebecca Morris told Lippincott the company was happy to send five.

“We believe science education is important, so we’re delighted to donate tools that spark children’s interest in the natural world around them,” says Morris. “We hope the kids in the museum’s programs grow up with an interest and appreciation for technology and innovation.”

Children in the "Paleo Prep Program" use the Air Scribes to remove dirt and rock from real dinosaur bones found at the museum's dig sites. The pen-like Air Scribes are easy for the kids to hold, and durable enough for repeated handling.

"It's very easy for kids to use," says Lippincott. "You can see your progress pretty quickly. The kids love it." Because the tools are hard to find and expensive for a non-profit organization like the Wyoming Dinosaur Museum to replace, Lippincott says Chicago Pneumatic's donation is invaluable.

"If we can spark their interest in science," says Lippincott, "they can consider going into those fields because they have that appreciation."