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What is a Total Solution for Compressed Air?

Have you heard of the term "Total Air Solutions"? A total air solution means everything that goes with the compressor for your business’s air system. 90% of companies require more than just an air compressor. With Chicago Pneumatic, we offer total solutions that are all-in-one machines!

Why a Variable Speed Compressor?

A variable speed compressor is not for every application. VSD rotary screw compressors need to be ran in a location that is in need of 24/7 compressed air and has a changing demand on the amount of air needed. If your compressed air needs are constant, or even mostly constant with only occasional slight variations, a variable speed compressor may not be necessary.

What happens when you don't change your oil in your Air Compressor?

The oil in your air compressor works hard to keep your machine running smoothly. Lubricant is pulled from the sump and processed through the oil cooler to reduce the inlet temperature of the oil before being injected into the compressor air end. It then passes through the oil filter to remove impurities from the oil.