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August 20, 2018

Calibration process is a vital step in ensuring tools are working as they should be, giving correct readings, providing a safe working environment for end-users, and ensuring that companies are upholding their legal obligations. However, calibration ...

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July 23, 2018

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Working with power tools at height for site maintenance & plant installations has become a necessity for today’s maintenance engineers. Bolting, Grinding & Drilling applications are just some of the many tasks completed in this way.

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July 16, 2018


Providing a safe working environment for operators is essential, especially when using pneumatic tools and compressed air. If there is a failure in the air network and the hose is not adequately clamped, the resulting whiplash could be devastating. F...

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June 25, 2018

There is no industry standard to measuring and reporting on torque values, and torque is presented differently by tool manufacturers. The various methods of measuring torque have ultimately led to much confusion amongst tool users as to which values ...

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