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Chicago Pneumatic releases a range of new industrial angle grinders, the CP3550 series, with 1.5 HP (1100W)

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2 May, 2018

These tools are designed to be easy to handle through ergonomic features such as a keyless rotative safety guard for easy operator adjustment to all work configurations as well as a rotative air swivel that allows for easier tool operation and avoids hose knots.



They offer industrial toughness with durable conception and long maintenance intervals (up to 1000 hours).

Chicago Pneumatic tools are designed to outperform competitors and to offer the highest productivity and cost savings to our customers: a competitive analysis was carried out and users can expect to remove up to 80% more material than with using competitive tools. This significant faster completion time can represent substantial savings.

The CP3550 series is ideal for various applications in metal-working, fabrication, foundries, casting plants, shipbuilding and oil and gas. Equipped with a powerful governed motor 1.5 HP (1100 W), the new industrial grinders are easy to handle. The high torque delivered while maintaining abrasive speed allows operators to achieve high productivity and maintain execution consistency.

CP3550-120ACC Angle die grinder

The CP3550 industrial angle grinders and sanders are available for use with 4”, 4.5” and 5” (100, 115 and 125mm) abrasive grinding and cutting wheels as well as sanding pads. The angle die grinders are designed to be used with carbide burrs or mounted points. This new range is ideally suited for contouring, deburring, cutting, finishing and weld cleaning of different materials such as cast iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum and composite, magnesium and titanium.

The CP3550 are a welcome addition to our proven portfolio of industrial tools. In an increasingly competitive world, our industrial customers are looking for tools they can rely on without paying a premium for features they don’t need. The CP3550 series will include all the basic tools required to undertake everyday metalworking operations involving angle grinders and sanders, and offer the CP quality at an affordable price.

Lucas Bryk , Product Marketing Manager at Chicago Pneumatic Tools