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Chicago Pneumatic launches a new high lifting capacity air hydraulic jack

Air-Hydraulic Jacks Workshop Equipment

17 September, 2018

To complete its air hydraulic jack range, Chicago Pneumatic launches one new high lifting capacity air hydraulic jack, the CP85031, for tire changing & general mechanic applications.

This new air hydraulic jack is specially designed to lift high axle trucks and trailers, as well as agricultural, industrial and construction vehicles. The CP85031 is able to lift up to a maximum height of 30.4 in / 772mm at 30 tons.

Built-in with large rubber wheels and a long 3-position adjustable handle, this jack allows operators to maneuver easily either in workshops or for roadside assistance.

Finally, to guarantee the high Chicago Pneumatic quality standards, jacks are manufactured with premium quality components according to CE & ASME certifications.

CP85031 Air Hydraulic Jack

High lifting capacity - 30.4in / 772mm of maximal height

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