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New low vibration hammers from Chicago Pneumatic reduce risk of long-term injury

15 March, 2019

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Chicago Pneumatic has introduced a new low vibration hammer that is ideal for everyday general mechanic, body shop and MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) applications. There are two versions – CP7160 and CP7165 – that are comfortable to use and powerful, so operators can get their jobs done quickly and efficiently as well as reducing the risk of long-term injury.

Antoine Tourneux

Repetitive and prolonged use of traditional pneumatic hammers can lead to injuries such as hand arm vibration syndrome, which is an entirely preventable, yet debilitating condition for the operator. At Chicago Pneumatic we take safety seriously, so wanted to design a new hammer that provides less vibration, and therefore less risk of injury to the operator, while at the same time ensuring they can work effectively.
We are pleased to have achieved that with our CP7160 and CP7165, which complete our range of pneumatic hammers that is renowned for high quality and performance.

Antoine Tourneux , Global Product Marketing Manager, Vehicle Service Air Tools, at Chicago Pneumatic


The hammer is designed with an air cushion which reduces vibrations to just 4.37 m/s2 for the CP7160 and 3.26 m/s2 for the CP7165. The hammer’s vibration is low thanks to the inclusion of a vibration damped valve which creates the air cushion and thus minimizes shock.

The new hammer provides great handling and is well balanced since the handle is not positioned right at the back of the tool, and it easily rests on an operator’s hand. The entire back of the tool is covered by a rubber grip to prevent the hammer from slipping when it is in an operator’s hands, even if they are dirty or oily.


The powerful tool delivers 8 Joules for the CP7610 and 11 Joules for the CP7165, and the user can easily choose the required power for the application thanks to an easy-to-use adjuster. The power adjustment is positioned at the bottom of the handle and the operator can simply select from four settings. All-in-all, the tool delivers the highest value in terms of performance, ergonomics and durability for its cost compared with other tools in its class, and is the perfect solution for everyday jobs such as cutting metal sheets or concrete, and disassembly tasks including rivets, screws and welding joints.