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Новости / Поиск в новостях / CP 0006 SVR - Vibro-reduced three-head scabbler from Chicago Pneumatic

CP 0006 SVR - Vibro-reduced three-head scabbler from Chicago Pneumatic


At Bauma, Chicago Pneumatic will for the first time show its new vibro-reduced three-head scabbler for cleaning and roughening concrete and construction joints as well as for ornamental or contrasting finishes on road and building structures.

Three-head scabblers represent a real challenge when it comes to vibro-reduction” says Jan Ohlson, Product Line Manager Handheld pneumatics. “The three heads work independently and the resulting vibration varies a lot. By re-thinking the product design, our development engineers have come up with a product which gets the job done, and which also decreases the vibration exposure of the operator.”
The new scabbler is built up from traditional well-proven components. Using some new design features, most of the influence from the movement of the scabbler pistons (heads) has been dampened in order to achieve the vibro-reduction. This has been achieved without significant increases in weight or dimensions.
Many parts in the new CP 0006 SVR scabbler are common with those used in the present CP scabbler CP 0006. The use of already tried and tested components gives the additional benefit of making spare parts supply easier for the users.
The new CP 0006 SVR scabbler will be on show at Bauma and will be introduced to the market during the coming summer. CE-certification is issued.

Technical data 

Open table
ModelWeightLengthBlows per mnAir cons.
 lbkginmm cfml/sec
CP 0006 SVR156.520510 300027 ½13

Noise (Declared value)*        Vibration (Declared values)*
Sound pressure ISO 11203    Three-axes values ISO 20643
r=1m dB(A) rel 20 µPa          Value (m/s2)       Spread (m/s2)                     
92                                        7.1                      1.2

* important: Full details of measurement are available in the Safety and Operating instruction of the product (part no. 9800 0611 90). It can be found on

Contact: Anja Kaulbach,, +49-201-633-2233
Images: Can be downloaded from the Chicago Pneumatic photo archive on