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Tower Crane Bolting Procedures are critical because high-tensile bolt connections can only fulfill their function properly, if they are tightened to the correct torque value.


High tensile bolt connections are used on tower crane joints, including those on mast, jib and slew rings bearings, these connections are subject to repeated cycle loading as the crane lifts and lowers loads and slews. When correctly installed and pre-loaded high tensile bolt connections can transmit very large loads. 

Correct assembly of bolt connections.
  • Components are fitted in the correct sequence, location, and orientation;
  • Components are lubricated before installation, as specified by the manufacturer;
  • The tightening torque is applied to the nut rather than the bolt head, unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise;
  • Bolted connections are tightened in accordance with the method and sequence specified by the manufacturer.
Any equipment used to tighten high tensile bolt connections (e.g. torque wrench or hydraulic tensioning device) is maintained and calibrated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. No matter what the application, Titan has the right tool for the job. Titan delivers superior bolting products, outstanding service, along with innovative support and leading edge customer driven technology.

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