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Tri Hold backup wrenches

With Tri-Hold backup wrenches, you can forget all your other backup wrenches. One Tri-Hold fits multiple nut sizes, so you no longer need a backup wrench for each nut size. Furthermore, the Titan Backup Wrench is stronger and more versatile than any other backup wrench on the market, is easy to use and secures the nut for safer hands-free operation.

Tri Hold backup wrenches
The load is retained by the three flats of the triangle on the wrench. These flats are much stronger than the flats on a hex, creating a safer, more durable tool. The third flat of the triangle is retained by an adjustable screw. The screw secures the nut for hands-free operation and safety. Loosening the screw provides for quick removal, eliminating the need to hit the wrench and change the bolt load. The thicknesses of the walls are unchanged so the Tri-Hold will fit in the toughest and hardest to reach places. One tool handles a multitude of hex sizes, saving you time and money.

  • Safe, hands-free operation
  • One tool fits multiple sizes, eliminating the need of a wrench for each nut size
  • Works on imperial and metric nuts
  • Fully adjustable
  • No moving parts so they can’t break down
  • Durable