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What if you could combine the performance of air tools with the mobility of cordless?
That is exactly what CP is bringing to automotive and maintenance professionals. The new CP battery-powered tools offer a new level of power and torque. Designed to be compact and lightweight, our cordless tools provide maximum comfort, ease of use and flexibility.

  • Akku Werkzeuge Für Mechaniker und Instandhaltungs-Profis 4 MB, PDF
  • Utensili a batteria (Italiano) 21.1 MB, PDF
  • Vezetéknélküli szerszámok (Magyar) 1.1 MB, PDF
  • Herramientas a batería para profesionales de la automoción y del mantenimiento 4 MB, PDF
  • Herramientas a batería (Español) 1.1 MB, PDF
  • 충전 공구 (한국어) 4.7 MB, PDF
  • Narzędzia akumulatorowe (Polski) 1.1 MB, PDF
  • Bataryalı El Aletleri (Türkçe) 4 MB, PDF
  • Cordless Tools for Automotive and Maintenance Professionals 4.9 MB, PDF
  • CP Cordless Tools - Catalog (North America) 5 MB, PDF
  • Scule cu acumulatori (Română) 1.1 MB, PDF
  • Akumulátorové nářadí (Česky) 1.1 MB, PDF
  • Аккумуляторный инструмент (Русский) 4.8 MB, PDF
  • Outils à batteries (français) 1.2 MB, PDF
  • Akumulátorové náradie (Slovenčina) 1.1 MB, PDF
  • Ferramentas sem fio (Português) 1.1 MB, PDF