3 Reasons to use a FRL


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Expert Corner - Damien Feller
A clean air installation guarantees productivity and return on investment.
Damien Feller , Technical Support Expert

Ensure the quality of your airline by using a FRL system (Filter, Regulator, Lubricator).
3 reasons to use a FRL :

BlueTork and FRL Stand (6158120450) in workshop / work on truck wheel

  • Filter cleans compressed air trapping solid particles (dust, dirt, rust).

  • Regulator ensures the consistency of the working pressure.

  • Lubricator adds controlled quantities of oil into a compressed air system.

Most of the pneumatic tools users do not make the most of their tools because of their airline setup.

FRL image

  • Mount the FRL units as close as possible to the tool, right where the tool hose is connected to the system.

  • Make sure you maintain on a regular basis each FRL unit.

Pneumatic tools are designed and specified to work at 90 PSI (6.3 bar) dynamic air pressure and lubrication (find all information in the tools operator manuals available in the Chicago Pneumatic Online Catalog)
A higher pressure could affect the tools lifespan, and operator safety (excessive vibration, or abrasive over-speed and burst risk).

We recommend the use of a gauge-equipped FRL for every tool to operate this adjustment.