Vehicle Service Tools Catalogs


针对汽车售后市场行业的特定需求,Chicago Pneumatic 提供了数百款优质的气动工具和电动工具,包括:冲击扳手、棘轮扳手、钻孔机、打磨机、磨砂机和抛光机、切割工具以及更多其它工具。

我们希望您喜欢我们全新 2015 产品目录的设计及其中包含的所有新产品!为详细了解最新的 Chicago Pneumatic 冲击扳手、全新无绳工具系列、新型螺丝刀和 CP 超级棒的迷你磨砂机和抛光机,我们诚邀您下载全新的 CP 汽车保养工具目录。

无论您是用于轻型或重型车辆维护、一般机修、更换轮胎还是车身维修,Chicago Pneumatic 都能提供优质、高效和符合人体工程学的产品,让您的工作更加轻松!


One-Stop-Shop For All your Tire Changing Needs

At every step of the way, Chicago Pneumatic is there for you to provide all the needed equipment, tools and accessories for your day-to-day job. From lifting the vehicle to untightening and tightening, we offer a full range of solutions to equip your shop.

In this brochure we will recommend the best tools and equipment for all your different tire changing needs. By following and choosing the appropriate solutions, you will ensure that you will have the best performing tool for your particular application therefore making your job faster and easier, increasing your productivity.