Ergonomic seat solution: the CP87029 Ergoseat

25 Ağustos 2017 Cuma

ErgoSeat ürünleri Koltuklar FRL Balancers Atölye ekipmanı Ürün Ergonomics

Chicago Pneumatic launches its new ergonomic seat solution, the CP87029 Ergoseat, to be used for tire changing and general mechanics in workshops or on roadside assistance. This very simple solution fits both medium and heavy vehicles.

They key benefits to our new CP87029 Ergoseat are:

  • Easy to move with its 360° swivel front wheel
  • Easy to use between 2 buses
  • Easy to manipulate weighing only 35Kg
  • Easy to install with 2x 45° arm rotation and disc seat for multi-position sitting

Operator comfort is an integral part of this new CP87029 Ergoseat design. Indeed, this ergonomic seat solution is equipped with a Chicago Pneumatic Balancer to allow the operator to perform his job without having to hold the tool.

CP87029 Ergoseat

The simplest ergonomic seat with the best price/quality ratio

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