High lifting capacity
Premium quality
Easy to transport
High stability
Easy to use
Easy maneuvering


30.4 in / 772mm of maximum height.
Two extensions of 1.77 in / 45mm and 3.94 in / 100mm.
US manufactured pressure joint.
Heavy-duty piston and pump.
Anti dust seals.
Auxiliary carrying handle for picking up the tool.
Large base.
Convenient joystick controls.
Swivel air coupling supplied with the jack.
54.33 in / 1.38 m long handle bar allows easy access to controls when fully positioned under vehicle.
Handle bar adjustable in 3 positions: 0° - 45° - 90°.
Large & soft rubber wheels.

Артикул моделиCP85031
UPC код015451778231
Вес30 т33.6 короткая(ие) тонна(ы)
Вес нетто87 кг192 фунт
Длина840 мм33 "
Длина тары94(H)x38(W)x52(L),139(H)X28(W)X95(L) мм3.7(H)X1.5(W)X2.0(L),5.5(H)X1.1(W)X0.4(L) "
Размер D100 мм3.9 "
Размер D+E840 мм33.1 "
Размер G1380 мм54.35 "
Размер H772 мм30.4 "
Размер P85 мм3.3 "
Размер А360 мм14.2 "
Размер В267 мм10.5 "
Размер С45 мм1.8 "
Размеры упаковки94(H)x38(W)x52(L),139(H)X28(W)X95(L) мм3.7(H)X1.5(W)X2.0(L),5.5(H)X1.1(W)X0.4(L) "
Ширина282 мм11.1 "