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Locking wheels

Link wheels can be locked laterally, making it possible to move the machine longitudinally along the casting bays.

Large Capacity

The receptacle holds up to 60 kg of hardtopping material, so you can cover a large area before reloading.

Dust protection

Front and rear dust guards are included to protect components and help reduce wear and maintenance.

Our spreader wagon

concrete, finnishing, spreader wagon, topper, topping

Get the finish you want with the convenience of our robust spreader wagon. It’s designed to evenly distribute all types of granolithic concrete material while pressing it into the upper layer for a long-wearing surface. With a simple design and durable construction, the SCS 32 stands up to demanding conditions for a reliable, even finish on your concrete projects.

The mesh screen roller drum not only distributes the hardtopping material but also presses it into the surface layer to help the material bond with the concrete for increased wear resistance.


Spare parts list

Safety and operating instructions