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QuickStop power trowels operate via a belt clutch that responds instantly to the palm handle kill switch thereby eliminating any possibility of handle rotation and risk of injury to the operator.

Easy storage and transport

The handle folds to a compact size, making the unit easy to transport and store. All units are equipped with a lifting eye.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Parts exposed to wet concrete are designed for easy cleaning. Tilt the machine forward during maintenance.

STG power trowels

From small edging tasks to larger floors, we have a power trowel for the job. The STG series helps your crew stay productive while creating the long-lasting, durable finish you require. They’re designed for reliable performance and low maintenance, providing an efficient solution for troweling applications.

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STG power trowels are used on concrete slabs, industrial floors, parking lots and alleys. The STG 244 is a small power float edger ideal for smaller slabs and finishing edges, especially in confined spaces and next to walls. STG 375 and 479 are higher capacity trowels designed for larger slabs.


Spare parts lists

Safety and operating instructions

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