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Blade cooling

Steel blade guard with watering fork keeps the blade cool during cutting. The 30 L water tank provides good capacity to save time on refilling.

Straight cuts

Front pointer guides the operator for straight cutting.

Control and stability

When the cutting wheel plunge is turned, the blade plunges inside the material to be cut by 1 cm per revolution. The wheel plunge design includes a brake and offers excellent control as well as a stable, in-depth cut.

Our floor saws

Our concrete and asphalt floor saws are designed to deliver a straight, stable cut. They’re also operator-friendly, thanks to adjustable handles and perfectly positioned controls. Both gasoline and diesel models are available, and all come with the reliability and simple maintenance you expect from us.

concrete, floor saw, cutting, cut

Our floor saws offer a maximum cutting depth of 150 mm to fit most job requirements. Suitable for cutting expansion joints, they can also be used to cut asphalt for road maintenance and as an alternative to jack hammers.


Spare parts list

Safety and operating instructions