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Simple to use

The rail system is lightweight and easy to set in place.

Efficient design

Concrete efficiently penetrates through the holes as it is vibrated for a strong finished product.

Less storage space required

CombiForm sections are stackable for compact storage.

Our Combiform

The CombiForm screed rail system is cast into the concrete, providing an efficient leveling solution. It saves time and labor because it’s easy to set up, and it doesn’t require the concrete to be pre-leveled before screeding. Simply connect sections of CombiForm rail to create the span you need and level them with the adjusting screws. Once the rails are set, the operator pulls the screed on top of them to achieve a flat and level floor. In addition, the plastic strip creates an expansion joint that can eliminate the need to use a floor saw. If a floor saw is used, the strip can be removed and the space used as a guide to cut the concrete.

CP Concrete, Combiform, screed rail system, leave in place

This versatile solution is suitable for all beddings and all dimensions of reinforcement bars can be used. In addition, clips, screws and other level adjustment accessories are available separately.

From C 25 to C 125 = 10 pieces of combiform per box; For C 145 = 8 pieces of combiform per box