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Air motors

Chicago Pneumatic’s vane air motor is a comprehensive air motor system combining multiple configuration set-ups: compact and well-balanced design, resistant in hostile environments, powerful stalling resistance without overheating. With more than 100 different models, the range is subdivided in 3 categories: standard, stainless steel and low speed.

Learn more with our technical guide

A complete and versatile range

Air Motors range view
  • Chicago Pneumatic offers a wide range of rotating vane air motors in stainless steel and lubrication free versions.
  • Power ranging from 0.16 kW (0.21 HP) to 1.8 kW (2.45 HP).
  • Most motors can be supplied as either unidirectional with a threaded shaft, or reversible with a keyed shaft. Alternative output options are also available.
  • Chicago Pneumatic air motors are ATEX certified for environments with potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • A complete range of accessories is available to ease air motors installation.

You can download the CAD drawing of each air motor to use in your application

This picture fits for 2051478224 M25-21500-KL-ATEX / 2051478234 M25-4700-KL-ATEX / 2051478244 M25-3550-KL-ATEX / 2051478254 M25-2100-KL-ATEX / 2051478264 M25-1040-KL-ATEX / 2051478274 M25-770-KL-ATEX / 2051478284 M25-480-KL-ATEX / 2051481724 M25-180-KL-ATEX

Standard air motors

Standard air motors are compact in design, light in weight, and available with a variety of speed and torque requirements. They are suitable for building into handheld machines or any industrial equipment.


This picture fits: 2051479024 - M16-19500-KSL-ATEX / 2051479034 - M16-4800-KSL-ATEX / 2051479044 - M16-2900-KSL-ATEX / 2051479054 - M16-1140-KSL-ATEX / 2051479064 - M16-700-KSL-ATEX

Stainless steel air motors

Stainless steel motors are suitable for corrosive environment applications. This would include food processing industries or chemical industries.



Low speed air motors

Low speed air motors offer a low costing complete solution, when an application requires low speed and low torque. The air consumption is relatively constant regardless of the load applied.




Air motors are designed to meet machine tool builder’s needs and challenges for versatile applications in many industries such as pipe processing, food & chemistry processing and maintenance.

Air motor technical guide

Air motor selection:

Before selecting an air motor, the working range parameters for your application such as the torque, power and speed, must be established. Each step of the selection process is detailed in our technical guide.

Find out more on Air Motor selections. Consult our Air motor technical guide