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Low profile & versatile trolley jack


Robust & Durable
Quick lifting
Easy to use


Heavy duty steel welded chassis with reinforcing rims
Two pumps & one foot pedal for fast approach without load
Handle with protector sponge & soft rubber pad on the saddle plate
Turning handle for easy release of load
Low profile construction
Low noise & smooth to floor tiles due to oil and acid resistant plastic wheels
This product is not marketed yet in North America and Australia.

Número da peça8941181030
Capacidade3 ton(s)3.31 ton(s) curto(s)
Dimensão A455 mm17.9 "
Dimensão B95 mm3.7 "
Dimensão C550 mm21.7 "
Dimensão D779 mm30.7 "
Dimensão D21979 mm77.9 "
Dimensão E160 mm6.3 "
Dimensão F160 mm
Dimensão F1364 mm14.3 "
Dimensão G45 "
Dimensão M99.207 mm
DimensãoF6.3 "
Tipo de discoNylon