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Durable, compact & versatile bottle jack


High capacity & durability
100% sealed & robust
High standing & stability
Improved safety
Easy to disassemble & store
Easy to use


Double guidance & chromed plated steel piston made of one piece
Automatic welded construction
Large base plate
Safety valve against overloading
Handle on pump in two parts to assemble/disassemble
Handle supplied with a small hook to get from under the vehicle
Ideal to be used in combination with the CP jack stands
This product is not marketed yet in North America and Australia.

Número da peça8941181120
Capacidade12 ton(s)13.23 ton(s) curto(s)
Dimensão A180 mm7.09 "
Dimensão A+B275 mm10.83 "
Dimensão B95 mm3.74 "
Dimensão C76 mm2.99 "
Dimensão D347 mm13.66 "
Dimensão E175 mm6.89 "
Dimensão F120 mm
Dimensão G43 mm1.69 "
DimensãoF4.72 "
Peso líquido6.7 kg14.77 lb