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A Chicago Pneumatic Tools oferece centenas de ferramentas pneumáticas de qualidade projetadas para as necessidades específicas do setor de pós-venda automotivo: chaves de impacto, chaves de catraca, perfuratrizes, esmerilhadeiras, lixadeiras, ferramentas de corte e muito mais.


One-Stop-Shop For All your Tire Changing Needs

At every step of the way, Chicago Pneumatic is there for you to provide all the needed equipment, tools and accessories for your day-to-day job. From lifting the vehicle to untightening and tightening, we offer a full range of solutions to equip your shop.

In this brochure we will recommend the best tools and equipment for all your different tire changing needs. By following and choosing the appropriate solutions, you will ensure that you will have the best performing tool for your particular application therefore making your job faster and easier, increasing your productivity.