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Chicago Pneumatic makes choosing the right tools easy for tire changing needs

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19 czerwca 2018

Chicago Pneumatic is making it easier than ever before for mechanics, vehicle service professionals and tire shop managers to make the right tool selection, ultimately helping them to enhance operator wellbeing as well as improve productivity. We have published a series of new materials – including a new brochure and Expert Corner articles – aimed at helping vehicle service professionals make their tough jobs easier.

Our experts at Chicago Pneumatic understand that choosing the right tool can be a complex process, with many options to consider. We are dedicated to making it as easy as possible for customers to benefit from our specialist knowledge by providing free-to-access material which clearly advises vehicle service professionals what simple steps they can take to ensure they are using the most appropriate tools for their needs.

At Chicago Pneumatic, we offer a true one-stop-shop for all tire shops, including impact wrenches and workshop equipment such as dollies and jack stands, and for servicing all vehicle types, from 2 wheelers to heavy duty trucks and agricultural machinery. Our new tireshop industry brochure outlines each class of vehicle and makes recommendations as to which tools are the most appropriate for each category to help increase productivity.

Each type of vehicle has different requirements from a tool’s perspective, in terms of power and capacity, and it is vital to use the right tools to achieve maximum efficiencies. The brochure highlights the best tools for each step of the tire changing process, from lifting to maintaining and ensuring torque control. It also includes expert advice columns so that customers can make sure they are working safely, while also understanding how to choose the right tools to properly tighten wheels.

At Chicago Pneumatic we are committed to helping our customers access expert knowledge, which comes from over a century experience in the industry. We fully understand the specific needs of tire changing operations on 2-wheelers, cars and truck fleets, and want to support customers at every stage, ensuring that they have access to appropriate information to make an educated decision. By following our recommendations and choosing the right equipment, vehicle service professionals will ensure that they have the best performing tool for their particular application therefore making their job faster and easier, increasing their productivity.

Eva Marie , Global Brand Communications Manager for Chicago Pneumatic