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High Torque & Comfort


Great power for general maintenance applications
Reinforced clutch mechanism
Low vibration for a better operator comfort


1" D-handle impact wrench with dual retainer (Hole + Ring)
Pinless closed reinforced rocking dog impact mechanism
ergonomic side handle
Integrated protective cover on the clutch housing
Full teasing trigger
Regulator with integrated forward/reverse with 3-position power settings in both directions

Part number8941077820
Actual air consumption19.2 l/s40.7 cfm
Air inlet thread size1/2 "
Average air consumption4.8 l/s10 cfm
Blows per minute500
Bolt sizeM32 mm
Box dimensions670*245*130 mm26,35*9,6*5,11 "
European Directives2006/42/EC (17/05/2006)
European Sound standardISO 15744
European StandardsEN ISO 11148-6:2013
Free speed5200 rpm
Length370 mm14.7 "
Maximum Torque (reverse)2600 Nm1920 ft.lbs
Min. hose size13 mm1/2 "
Net weight10.1 kg22.2 lb
Over carton670*245*130 mm26,35*9,6*5,11 "
Power/weight ratio257.4 Nm/kg86.5
Sound Power111 db(A)
Sound pressure100 db(A)
Sound uncertainty3 db(A)
Square drive1 "
Vibration7.8 m/s²
Vibration ISOISO-28927-2
Vibration uncertainty (K)1.8 m/s²
Working Torque Range (fwd)500 - 2000 Nm370 - 1475 ft.lbs