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Fast charging
High durability
Double polarity protection
Easy to read
Easy transportation
High quality


Able to jump start all type of engines powered by 12/24V.
Charging time: less than 30 seconds on running engine.
Batteryless with 1 million cycles life time (5 year warranty)
Buzzer to prevent polarity inversion.
Fuse to protect the vehicle and the booster in case of improper use.
Easy reading charge information with voltage information.
Lightweight and comfortable.
On/Off button with voltage selection.
Full electrical insulation for full protection from electric arcs during the setup.
Large copper clamps and 50 mm² / 0.48 in² cables

Breedte320 mm12.6 "
Cable length1.9 m6.1 ft
Cable section50 mm²
Capaciteit1360 (12V) - 340 (24V) F
Charge on car plugnee
Charge on engineja
Charge on sectorja
Hoogte540 mm21.3 "
Lengte440 mm17.3 "
Netto gewicht18.4 kg40.6 lb
Polarity inversion alarmja
Protection fuseja
Short circuit current16000 (12V) - 8000 (24V) A Peak
Starting current4000 (12V) - 2000 (24V) A
Test unitja