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High Comfort
Excellent Speed Control
High resistance to stalls
Great handling
Operator friendly
High durability
Supplied with high quality industrial Jacobs® chucks for longer use
- Keyless


Composite housing with thermoplastic rubber handle grip
Wings on right & left sides to guide the forefinger
Large teasing trigger and progressive valve allowing more control to start holes
Low speed gear box
Flat back part for better pushing action while drilling and tapping
Handle exhaust allowing the air to flow away from the operator
Supplied with high quality industrial Jacobs® chucks for longer use
- Keyless
Excellent for drilling, honing, reaming and hole sawing

Afmetingen doos242.5x172.5x53.5 mm9.5x9.8x2.1 "
Capaciteit boorhouder10 mm3/8 "
Draadgrootte luchtinlaat1/4 "
European Directives2006/42/EC (17/05/2006)
European Sound standardISO 15744
European StandardsEN ISO 11148-3:2012
Feitelijk luchtverbruik10 l/s21 cfm
Geluidsniveau83.7 db(A)
Geluidvermogen94.7 db(A)
Gemiddeld luchtverbruik3.25 l/s6.9 cfm
Grootte spantang/as3/8-24 "
Hoogte150 mm5.9 "
Lengte209 mm8.2 "
Min. slanggrootte10 mm3/8 "
Netto gewicht1.08 kg2.4 lb
Over karton1200x800x630 mm47.2x31.5x24.8 "
Remkoppel5 1/2 Nm4.1 ft.lbs
Trilling<2.5 m/s²
Trilling ISOISO-28927-5
Vrije snelheid3000 tpm
Vrije snelheid luchtverbruik13 l/s27.5 cfm
Zijkant naar midden51 mm2 "
vermogen460 W0.6 hp