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Small portable air compressors

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Portable, powerful and tough

Our range of small portable air compressors makes sure you can get the job done. Work fast, stay productive and enjoy compressed air, wherever you need it.


Most of the models can be towed behind a normal passenger car with no special driving license needed.


Power up to two breakers with effortless ease. You can also get a generator included in the package.


The Red Rock canopy is made from extra tough polyethylene, protecting the working parts and ensuring your compressor looks and performs to its maximum, day in and day out.

The small portable air compressor range

Small Air Compressor Red Rock Polyethylene Canopy connected to Handheld Pneumatic Tool

Powering your handheld pneumatic tools

Our range of small portable diesel air compressors offer you portability, power and toughness. Thanks to the latest screw element technology and a powerful engine, our compressors deliver increased efficiency and performance.

Work fast and stay productive, that's what our compressors are all about. Thanks to our Red Rock canopy, made from extra tough polyethylene, your compressor works and looks to its maximum, day in and day out.

In addition, multiple options are available to ensure the compressor exactly fits your needs.

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Product variations

CPS 2.0-7; CPS 2.5-7; CPS 2.0-12; CPS 3.0-7; CPS 3.5-7; CPS 3.5-10; CPS 4.5-7; CPS 5.0-7; CPS 2.5G-7; CPS 3.5G-7; CPS5.0G-7; CPS 2-7; CPS 2-12; CPS 3-7; CPS 5-7; CPS 2.5-7 G; CPS 3.5-7 G; CPS 5-7 G