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Powerful, Durable & Light with premium aluminum alloy ratchet head


Light weight and well balanced thanks to premium aluminum alloy ratchet head
Powerfull and Durable


1/2" high power club ratchet
Adjustable side exhaust, low noise
Highest torque on the market: 90 ft.lbs (122 Nm)
Grease fitting on the reverse button
Features CP's patented TriSpring anti-slip head design

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품번 8943778308
DBA음압96 db(A)
길이305 mm12 in
무게1.22 kg2.7 lb
무부하속도190 rpm
사용토크범위13 - 122 Nm10 - 90 ft.lbs
소음수치ISO1574485 db(A)
스퀘어드라이브1/2 in
실제에어소모량524 l/mn21 cfm
에어흡입구스레드사이즈1/4 "
유럽지침2006/42/EC (17/05/2006)
유럽표준EN ISO 11148-6:2012
음향-ISOEN ISO 15744
진동4.1 m/s²
진동 ISOISO-28927-2
진동-K1.4 m/s²
최대토크122 Nm90 ft.lbs
최소호스규격10 mm3/8 in
평균에어소모량141 l/mn5 cfm
평균에어소모량 2.3 는