Durable, Powerful & Ergonomic


Most powerful tool on the market in its class: 922 ft.lbs – 1250 Nm of maximum real torque in reverse
Best price to performance/durability ratio
Lightweight due to composite housing
Contoured comfort grip handle instead of TPR injected in handle
Smooth Forward / Reverse Switch on back
Suited for all maintenance applications: Light vehicle tire changing, General maintenance on vehicles and MRO applications


1/2" composite impact wrench
One handed forward/reverse
Full power in reverse: 922 ft. lb - 1250 Nm maximum real torque in reverse
3 positions in forward: Low - 180 ft-lbs. / 245 Nm - Medium - 480 ft-lbs. / 650 Nm - High - 730 ft-lbs. / 990 Nm
Aluminum clutch & back housing
Friction ring socket retainer
Full teasing trigger
Curved to be more ergonomic, Smaller diameter to fit better in hand palm and to be optimum balanced
Handle with Thermo-Plastic Rubber injected in housing for a durable and comfortable grip; Resistant to most chemicals used in workshops
Twin hammer mechanism
360° swivel air inlet
Composite housing

품번 8941077481
길이175 mm6.89 "
너비78 mm3 "
높이200 mm7.87 "
무부하속도7000 rpm
박스 규격95x210x240 mm3.75x8.25x9.45 "
소음 수치94.3 db(A)
소켓 리테이너프릭션 링
순 무게2 kg4.4 Ib
스퀘어 드라이브1/2 "
실제 에어 소비량12 l/s25 cfm
에어 인렛 사이즈1/4 nptfin
유럽 음향 기준ISO 15744
유럽지침2006/42/EC (17/05/2006)
유럽표준EN ISO 11148-6:2013
음향 불확실성3 db(A)
음향 파워105.3 db(A)
작업 토크 범위(정방향)95 - 750 Nm70 - 555 ft.lbs
진동12 m/s²
진동 ISOISO 28927-2
진동 불확실성(K)4.5 m/s²
최대 토크(역방향)1300 Nm960 ft.lbs
최소 호스 규격10 mm3/8 "
측면부터 중심까지 거리39 mm1 1/2 "
클러치 타입Twin Hammer
평균 에어 소모량6.2 cfm
평균 에어 소모량 3 l/s
핸들 타입피스톨