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The most productive 1-1/2"


Best gun to loosen very big bolts quickly and smoothly in Spline #5
Spline #5: avoid loss of torque, reduce vibrations, increase durability of anvil
Operator comfort and control with adjustable side handle even at high torque levels
Reliable impact mechanism & durable housing
Compact 3-part construction for easy maintenance
Designed for Industrial Maintenance & Production


Super Industrial impact wrench Spline #5
Reliable 2-jaw clutch with the highest Blows per Minute-
Full Teasing (outside) trigger with durable reverse
Durable aluminum body & indestructible steel clutch housing
Compact 3-part construction & easy maintenance

  • Exploded view
  • CE Certificate
  • Operators manual
  • Safety instructions & safety data sheets
제품명CP6120 GASEL
품번 T017755
Maximum Torque (reverse)4740 Nm3500 ft.lbs
Power/weight ratio307.8 Nm/kg103.2
Side to center54 mm2.13 "
Socket retainer
Sound Power113 db(A)
Sound pressure102 db(A)
Square drive "
Working Torque Range (fwd)815 - 2,710 Nm600 - 2,000 ft.lbs
길이375 mm14.76 "
무게15.4 kg33.9 Ib
무부하속도3000 rpm
분당 블로우960
실제에어소모량28.3 l/s60 cfm
에어흡입구스레드사이즈1/2 "
진동21 m/s²
진동 ISOISO-28927-2
진동-K6.6 m/s²
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