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Most powerful


Our strongest and most powerful 1" impact with an extended anvil
Operator productivity
Convenient reverse valve for ease of use
Ideal for high volume tire work on trucks, buses, and heavy equipment


1" impact wrench
Rocking dog clutch
4-position power settings throttle for ease of use
Convenient reverse valve
Plus 7" extended anvil

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품번 T024585
길이572 mm22.5 in
무게16.2 kg35.71 lb
무부하속도3700 rpm
박스 규격680x240x170 mm
분당 블로우540
사용토크범위Fwd240 - 2,800 Nm185 - 2,065 ft.lbs
소음수치ISO15744103 db(A)
소켓리테이너Dual (hole+friction)
스퀘어드라이브1 in
실제에어소모량25 는52 cfm
에어흡입구스레드사이즈1/2 "
음향파워ISO15744114 db(A)
전력중량비209.3 Nm/kg70
진동8.5 m/s²
진동 ISOISO-28927-2
진동-K2.6 m/s²
최대토크후진3390 Nm2500 ft.lbs
최소호스규격13 mm1/2 in
클러치 타입Pinless rocking dog
평균에어소모량11.88 cfm
평균에어소모량 5.6 는
핸들 타입D-Handle Inside Trigger