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The Best Super Industrial in Spline #5: Compact, Comfortable & Extremely Durable


Best impact to loosen big bolts on very demanding industries thanks to Spline #5
Spline #5: avoid loss of torque, reduce vibrations, increase durability of anvil
Operator comfort and control thanks to perfect ergonomic design even at VERY high torque
"Constant & progressive" torque thanks to the 2-Jaw clutch
Unmatched durability with reliable mechanism & durable housing
Ideal for Heavy Industrial Maintenance and Production applications


Super Industrial impact with spline #5
Reliable 2-jaw clutch with the highest Blows per Minutes
Full Teasing (inside) trigger with durable reverse
Durable aluminum body & indestructible steel clutch housing
Compact 3-part construction & easy maintenance
Hole type socket retainer with O-ring
360° adjustable D-type side handle
Steel internal trigger

  • CE인증
  • 이용안내
  • 부품목록
  • 안전경고
제품명CP0611 PASEL
품번 T022579
길이318 mm12.52 in
무게10.2 kg22.5 lb
무부하속도3500 rpm
벨트 사이즈M36 mm
분당 블로우1020
사용토크범위Fwd1,220 - 2,440 Nm900 - 1,800 ft.lbs
소음수치ISO1574497 db(A)
소켓리테이너#5 스플라인
스퀘어드라이브#5 스플라인 in
실제에어소모량22.6 는48 cfm
에어흡입구스레드사이즈1/2 "
음향파워ISO15744108 db(A)
전력중량비371.6 Nm/kg124.4
진동16.1 m/s²
진동 ISOISO-28927-2
진동-K4.5 m/s²
최대토크후진3790 Nm2800 ft.lbs
측면부터중심46 mm1.81 in
클러치 타입2조우 클러치
핸들 타입D-Handle Inside Trigger