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CP3850 Series - Industrial angle grinders & sanders

The ultimate material removal tool.
Ideal for grinding, sanding, cutting, contouring, deburring, finishing and weld cleaning.

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Our CP3850 angle grinders and sanders feature:

A highly durable spiral bevel gear

that reduces vibration and stress of torque transmission resulting in a maintenance interval of 2,000 hours.

A spindle lock feature

that allows for quick and easy abrasive replacement to reduce tool downtime.

A 360° adjustable air exhaust

with integrated muffler. It improves operator’s comfort keeping the noise level as low as 84 dB(A).

A streamlined and ergonomic two-position safety trigger

that can be adapted to an operator’s grip above or below the housing.

An ergonomic handle

to promote a good operating position by maintaining the operator’s wrist straight.

A multi-position 360° anti-vibration side handle

for greater operator comfort. It can be positioned for left-hand or right-hand use.

Feature highlight:

A governed air motor of 2.8 hp / 2100 W

governed motor

for constant air flow and abrasive wear. It delivers its maximum torque close to the free speed of the tool, prevents overspeed and reduces air consumption. The higher speed of the abrasive allows more material to be removed therefore increasing productivity. Read more

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High productivity with more comfort

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The CP3850 industrial grinders & sanders series is ideal for:

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