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CPN 3-20 HP Screw compressors

Great performance in a small package

Our CPN 3-20HP compact rotary screw compressor range is ideal for small industries with applications such as winery, garages, paint shops, tire shops, etc. The CPN is the smallest stationary screw compressor in the range, combining the simplicity and cost effectiveness of a piston with the durability, technology and energy efficiency of a screw compressor.

Cost efficiency

Up to 35% less in energy consumption in comparison to piston technology

Maximum performance

Designed to work continuously

Constant pressure

Pressure stability and no pulsation compared to piston compressors

Energy efficiency comes with the technology

More efficient than a piston but simple to install and to use, designed to work continuously, always installed on vessel with or without dryer, CPN allows you to get 100% performance, 24 hours a day from your equipment without fearing a single failure.