Extraordinary energy savings

Our innovative drivetrain with an in-house designed interior permanent magnet motor (iPM), coupled with the Imperium inverter has evolved the energy efficiency of these variable speed compressors to a whole new level, bringing about the aforementioned energy savings of up to 45%.

Driving the productivity of your company

The CPVS' maintenance-free components increase uptime and with it, boost productivity. The Electronikon graphic touch controller is easy to use and due to its remote monitoring feature, you can protect and further optimize your compressed air network from anywhere in the world.

Premium components for maximum reliability

The compressor's key components are designed in-house to assure the highest reliability and a long lasting life. The in-house designed iPM motor is oil-cooled, which ensures the best cooling at all speeds and conditions. Be sure to use top quality consumables to make sure the compressor has a long life and to lower your total cost of ownership.

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