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Low profile, versatile and powerful


Multi Axis Thru-Swivel prevents hose kinking and provides for ease of operation
Flat design : easy fit on the tightest bolt patterns
Unique Wide-Track ratchet teeth
Modular concept


Certified torque accuracy of +/- 3%
The Titan WIDE TRACK ratchet tooth design distributes stress evenly , which provides a bigger contact area that deliver the strength to get the job done right every time
Crafted from the highest quality aircraft-grade material for ultimate strengh and durability (Aisi 4340 alloy steel)
Low nose and flat design for extremely tight application accessibility
Extremely versatile and light-weight

Part number6151550200
Cylinder Weight4.62 kg10.2 lb
Range of Hex Sizes A/F46 - 115 mm1 13/16 - 4 1/2 "
Torque range1458 - 10881 Nm1075 - 8024 ft.lbs