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Hydraulic Tools

Our solutions include powerful hydraulic torque wrenches, pumps and accessories for bolting applications in the oil and gas, petrochemical, wind energy, power generation, mining and construction industries. Very high load bolting is used when traditional assembly solutions are not sufficient to ensure joint integrity or joint access, for example on oil rigs, in wind farms, ship building and for bridges.

  • The most complete line of bolting tools (English) 583.4 kB, PDF
  • Industries pétrolière, gazière et pétrochimie (Français) 6.1 MB, PDF
  • 应用于石油、天然气与石化领域 (汉语) 6.4 MB, PDF
  • Folleto de CP sobre petróleo, gas y productos petroquímicos (Español) 6.1 MB, PDF
  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Brochure (English) 6.1 MB, PDF
  • Opusculo Oil, Gas & Petrolchimico (Italiano) 6.1 MB, PDF
  • CP-Broschüre zum Bereich Öl, Gas und Petrochemie (Deutsch) 6.1 MB, PDF
  • ガス石油化学の主要アプリケーション (日本語) 6.2 MB, PDF
  • Akaryakıt, Gaz ve Petrokimya (Türkçe) 6.3 MB, PDF
  • Новая брошюра "Нефтяная, газовая и нефтехимическая отрасли" компании "Чикаго Пневматик" (Русский) 6.3 MB, PDF