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Efficiency & power


High efficiency motor, yet economical
Ideal tool for tire work, general repair and maintenance


1" heavy-duty impact wrench
Rocking dog clutch
High efficiency 6-vane motor
3-position power settings with directional control
Angled down exhaust
Plus 6" extended anvil and #5 spline

Part number8941077781
Actual air consumption16.5 l/s35 cfm
Air inlet thread size1/2 "
Average air consumption4.1 l/s8.7 cfm
Clutch typePinless rocking dog
Free speed5000 rpm
Handle typeD-Handle Inside Trigger
Length513 mm20.2 "
Maximum Torque (reverse)2200 Nm1620 ft.lbs
Min. hose size13 mm1/2 "
Net weight11.5 kg25.4 lb
Power/weight ratio191.3 Nm/kg63.8
Socket retainer#5 spline
Sound Power117 db(A)
Sound pressure106 db(A)
Square drive#5 spline "
Vibration10.1 m/s²
Vibration ISOISO-28927-2
Vibration uncertainty (K)2.9 m/s²
Working Torque Range (fwd)400 - 1,800 Nm300 - 1,330 ft.lbs