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Burrs easily changeable allowing the operator to use only one wrench thanks to the new spindle lock system.
Good surface grip avoiding the tool to slip once in operator's hand thanks to the handle’s material (TPR) and ergonomics.
High application coverage thanks to the multitude of heads (short & long straight, 120°, 90°)
Less heat transfer between the motor and the sleeve thanks to the composite housing

Part number8941074060
Actual air consumption1 l/s2.1 cfm
Air inlet thread size1/4 "
Box dimensions230*98.5*63 mm9.1*3.9*2.5 "
Collet size6 mm1/4 "
Free speed23000 rpm
Free speed air consumption1.3 l/s2 3/4 cfm
Length163 mm6.4 "
Min. hose size10 mm3/8 "
Net weight0.6 kg1.32 lb
Power250 W0.34 hp
Rear exhaustyes
Sound Power89.1 db(A)
Sound pressure78.1 db(A)
Vibration5.4 m/s²
Vibration ISOISO-28927-12
Vibration uncertainty (K)1.27 m/s²