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Chicago Pneumatic offers the highest quality of Rubber and Polyurethane hoses in the Industrial Line to cover the different needs of applications with Power Tools.

Hose recommendations

At recommended air flow the pressure drop is 2.9 PSI / 0.2bar with a hose length of 16 ft / 5m. Recommendation is to upgrade one size in diameter for every 32.8 ft / 10m of hose length.
Effi Max Hose

EFFI Series

CP EFFI is a unique premium line of hoses designed with special features such as antistatic, extreme low weight, resistance and durability that will help the operator to maximize the tool productivity.


Effi Max Hoses

Ideal for generic grinding applications
- Exteme low weight
- Antistatic
- Rubber hose
- Soft and flexible
- Welding spatter resistant

Standard quality hose in PUR and Rubber will provide the best quality product for the price for optimized work with pneumatic tools.

CP Rubber Hose, this picture fits for 5 references: 6158108640 - 6158108650 - 6158108660 - 6158108680 - 6158108700

Rubber Hoses

Ideal for the most demanding tasks in construction, mining, shipyards, foundries etc.


- Durable
- Antistatic
- Grinding and welding spatter resistant


Polyurethane Hoses

Ideal for heavy duty applications for indoor and outdoor use.


- Oil resistant
- Flexible
- Long service life
- PVC free: Environment friendly