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Chicago Pneumatic is bringing together productivity and safety by introducing new ranges of ATEX drills

July 5, 2019

ATEX Product Drills Industrial Tools

Chicago Pneumatic has developed industrial drills with ATEX certification for use in ATEX zones 2 (gases) and 22 (dust) to increase the safety of industrial maintenance operators in potentially explosive workplaces. Two ranges of Chicago Pneumatic drills are now offering a unique chuck protection to lower the risk of sparks and therefore accidental explosion: the CP1114R ATEX and the CP1117 ATEX ranges.

CP1114R05 Pneumatic ATEX drill


Those new drills are perfect for customers in need of the highest performance and power for use in potentially explosive atmospheres caused by flammable gases or dusts. The CP1114R ATEX series is reversible for maximal versatility and suitable for drilling, taping and reaming operations. The CP1117 ATEX series is our real heavy-duty range, with 1 hp motor and three different speeds.

These ATEX drills are ranges extensions of our existing and well-known industrial drills:

CP11114R26 pneumatic drill


The reversible and versatile CP1114R range made of 5 references with different speeds, has now two additional models. These are truly multi-task tools that can do many different jobs, and the new ATEX versions are as capable and flexible as the rest of the family, with the ability to work in potentially dangerous atmosphere as an extra feature. The entire CP1114R series comes with a Jacob’s industrial keyed chuck.

The powerful CP1117 series combines power, durability and precision with a large choice of chuck options: Jacob’s industrial keyed chuck, keyless chuck or a version without chuck. The 3 new ATEX certified tools come with a Jacob’ industrial keyed chuck, completing the total range adding up to 18 models.

CP1117P32 Pneumatic ATEX drill


Both the CP1114R ATEX and the CP1117 ATEX drills are equipped with a unique chuck protection guard to prevent the rotating chuck from touching any object in the workplace and to reduce the risks of creating sparks. They also come with a bronze muffler to prevent sparks or particles from getting out of or getting into the tool.
Harald Odenman - Product Marketing Manager at Chicago Pneumatic

Our customers in the oil and gas, petrochemical, mining and other industries where dust and gases can be present, need the full quality and productivity for their exposed applications while guaranteeing the safety of their workers. Safety is always our priority, so it was key for us to be able to provide them with products that could answer their needs. We are happy to do that today by launching our new ATEX drills.

Harald Odenman , Product Marketing Manager at Chicago Pneumatic
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