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Chicago Pneumatic unveils new range of highly precise composite drills for vehicle service applications

February 21, 2018

Product Vehicle Service Tools Drills

The new Chicago Pneumatic composite drills are available now in ¼’’, ⅜’’ and ½’’ pistol, straight (in-line) and angle variants. The range comprises 13 models, including reversible and non-reversible options.

Speed and power

CP9789C Drill


The ¼’’, ⅜’’ and ½’’ composite drills deliver speeds ranging from 600 rpm up to 3300 rpm depending on model selection, enabling users to match the appropriate size and speed for drilling different materials and hole sizes. The drills are also powerful and efficient: the ½’’ and ⅜’’ models deliver 0.5hp (0.36 8kW), while the ¼” version provides 0.3 hp.
Yann Pasco

Our new composite drills are 5% lighter than our previous metal range and extremely robust and convenient to use. They are built to tackle demanding drilling applications involving either light or heavy vehicles, making them ideal for use in body shops and in general mechanics.

Yann Pasco , Global Business Development Manager for vehicle service at Chicago Pneumatic

Comfort and ergonomics

CP7300C Drill


This high comfort tool is also lightweight (1.1 lbs. – 0.5 kg) and the most compact in its class (6.6 in - 169 mm length / 1.5 in. – 38 mm high) to work in tight spaces such as motor engine compartment.

Operator comfort is essential when using any type of tool and was a key consideration in the design of Chicago Pneumatic’s new composite drills. For instance, they are equipped with thermoplastic rubber (TPR) handles that provide users with a firm and satisfying grip during drilling.
CP879C Angle Drill


The drills also offer the high level of ergonomic design that users have come to expect from Chicago Pneumatic tools. The reverse lever is located on the top of the drills within easy reach and there is an easy-to-operate forward and reverse switch to facilitate drilling and reaming.