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When all you need is compressed air

Our standard piston compressors makes up the bread and butter in our piston range. A wide variety of choices, high flexibility and highly reliable, they provide the air solution you need when all you need is a solid source of compressed air.

High performance customer value

Available in a variety of versions

Reliable source of compressed air

CPRA & CPRB - Flexibility and compactness

Short tasks to complete and small things to repair? The direct driven oil lubricated compressors are suitable for all your DIY and small workbench applications. They come in all kinds of compact configurations and vessel sizes, providing top flexibility to match the demand of any customer. The oilless units are suitable for any smart car and home maintenance tasks. There are no risks of oil spilling, and you do not have to worry about complicated maintenance.

CPRC - easy and performant

These belt driven units with a one stage compression are easy and efficient to handle, and they are powerful, performant and reliable at the same time. These units are available in stationary and moveable configurations, and the range includes silenced units for optimal user comfort.

CPRD & CPRF - professional performance and reliability

Belt driven units are designed to deliver more air and higher pressures to increase the number of possible applications. Strong components, optimal air flows, inter- and aftercoolers, guarantee the reliability and efficiency required in medium to bigger sized workshops and service stations. The compressors are available in stationary and moveable configurations and with silenced canopy. Top of the bill is the NS89 pump, driven by a 25 hp motor and mounted on a 900 liter tank.

CPRO - full feature for top performance and air quality

These belt driven two stage piston compressors have pre-installed and tank-mounted dryers. They perfectly suit as your all in one quality air solution and they will save you time, costs and space. The design meets the requirements of many professionals working in service or repair shops where dry air is required. All units are stationary on 270 or 500 liter, and all 5.5hp machines and above are available with star delta starter.