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Chicago Pneumatic Simplifies Tire Changing with New 1" Impact Wrench

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July 11, 2018

Chicago Pneumatic makes lighter work of heavy vehicle tire service with the CP7782TL-6, an all-new 1” torque limited impact wrench. This purpose-built tool is designed to avoid bolt over-tightening, and increase operator efficiency and convenience. The CP7782TL-6 is part of the Chicago Pneumatic vehicle service tool lineup that will be on display at the 2018 SEMA Show.

This tool is designed to provide a limited torque in forward position, giving out around 370 ft.lbs / 500 Nm, offering a reliable tightening process. The CP7782TL-6 forward mode allows the operator to tighten bolts with confidence, as it will limit the torque automatically. The operator can then simply finish off the tightening with a manual torque wrench.
The “torque limited” function of the CP7782TL-6 enables efficient and effective torque level control, particularly for truck, bus, and heavy vehicle tire installations where multi-step torquing solutions are required. The tool’s forward mode restricts torque allowing the operator to tighten bolts with confidence. When finished with a property calibrated manual torque wrench or BlueTork CP7600, over-tightening is eliminated. For hard-to-remove overtightened bolts, the CP7782TL-6 delivers up to 1920 ft.lbs (2600 Nm) of nut-busting torque.

“In real world applications, time is money,” said Chicago Pneumatic Product Marketing Manager, Omar Macon. “If the job can get done right and faster the first time, that’s a win every time for the customer.”

The CP7782TL-6 offers a smooth forward / reverse switch with one torque limited setting in forward and three reverse positions to make operation even easier. The tool’s aluminum housing and shock-absorbing bumpers protect the tool from daily use, while the ergonomic D-handle guarantees a comfortable grip. The CP7782TL-6 is wrapped in Chicago Pneumatic’s signature red and black colorway, with a “Torque Limited” label to allow for quick identification in even the busiest of shop environments.

The CP7782TL-6 features a pinless, closed, reinforced “rocking dog” mechanism that ensures optimal power transmission, high speed rundown, and unsurpassed durability. The mechanism consumes less air, which reduces operating costs while offering legendary Chicago Pneumatic performance.

“There’s no better place than the SEMA Show for us to showcase this new tool,” added Macon. “We believe this audience — and the market — are hungry for tools that bring power and efficiency to the industry.”



Our expertise in impact wrenches, combined with our desire to make our customers’ daily lives easier, allow us to provide the first and only 1” torque limited impact wrench developed to prevent overtightened bolts on heavy vehicles.

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