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Discover The New Chicago Pneumatic Showroom

July 11, 2017

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CP Tools Showroom in US

With over 100 CP tools, the showroom provides an interactive experience for distributors and customers.

On June 28, 2017, Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co. opened a new tool showroom for customers and distributors at their Rock Hill location. The space spans 12,000 square feet and features tools for numerous industries, from automobile vehicle service to industrial use.

The showroom allows tool distributors to experience the full range of CP products: from lightweight cordless tools and impact wrenches, to material removal tools. Our two newest tools released in 2017, the CP7762 ¾” Stubby Impact Wrench & the CP7783-6 Lightweight 1” Impact Wrench, are among the tools included in the displays.

"In our new space, our customers use the tools the way they would in their own shops or in the field; from grinding on the downdraft table to delivering the high torque output of an impact wrench on a Skidmore test fixture. Additionally, the showroom is available for hands-on training for all of our company employees”, expressed Billy Lipari, Marketing Manager. "We believe that our best fans are our employees, and by providing hands-on training sessions for everyone from our customer service reps to our field sales reps, we're creating home-grown experts and advocates for our tools."

The showroom creates another way to reach customers and employees in the way they want to interact with Chicago Pneumatic.

Come check out the new Chicago Pneumatic Tool showroom at our Rock Hill, SC location. Fill out the form below to schedule your visit today!